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Hi Everyone.  Thank you for all your support of the Philly Appraisal Blog over the past couple of years.  In an effort to take the Appraiser/Realtor interaction to the next level I’ve created the Appraisers Helping Philadelphia Realtors Facebook group!!

The group was created to be “THE” go-to source of help and information for realtors in the Greater Philadelphia region looking for answers to their appraisal questions, to stay at the forefront of appraisal issues that are affecting the real estate industry and to bridge the gap of misinformation that often exists between realtors and appraisers in Philadelphia’s ever changing marketplace.

As part of this group, we have assembled a network of “THE” top appraisers locally and nationwide whose focus is on helping Philadelphia Realtors. You’ll notice that some of the leading real estate professionals in the Philadelphia area are also members, including the top agents, brokers and mortgage professionals. All are here to share ideas, provide information and help realtors and their clients in making informed real estate decisions and provide solutions to your valuation questions.

From time to time we will spotlight members of the group so that you can hear their story, learn from their experiences and network with your peers.

We will also be posting PDF files that may be helpful on topics such as “FHA Repairs”, “How to Contest a Low Appraisal” and “How to Calculate the GLA of a House.” So, be sure to check the “File” button under the cover photo.

Please accept this invitation to join the Appraisers Helping Philadelphia Realtors FB Group by clicking on the link or image above.  You are encouraged to introduce yourself to the group, get involved, share your stories and ask questions. Also, please feel free to tell other Philadelphia real estate agents and brokers about the group.

Get involved, ask questions, share your experience and add value!





  1. Great job setting up this group and I’m honored to be an appraiser contributor.

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